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Over 80 Free and Cute Printable Lunchbox Notes

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Moms put a lot of thought into the food we pack in our kids’ lunchboxes. We want it to be delicious and recharge their bodies so they can grow and learn. But the truth is, they might need some emotional support by the middle of the day, too. Imagine your son opening his lunch after getting bad news about the quiz he took yesterday or your daughter seeing a sweet message on the day she had a fight with a friend.

A lunchbox note is a quick refill for a child’s heart. It might be exactly what your children need on a tough school day. It’s like a warm, surprise hug on paper (and you might be surprised by how often they hold onto the note for safe-keeping). Here’s a collection of free printable lunchbox notes to show you care throughout the year. Find one for your next holiday and for kids of all ages—even your high schooler!

Lunchbox Notes for Kids

lunchbox notes

We sometimes forget that our children spend up to eight hours a day at school. A lot can happen in eight hours – bad and good. Our free printable lunchbox notes for kids are a great way to let your child know that you are thinking about them while they are away. Download the printable here.

Lunchbox Notes for Tweens and Teens
 lunchbox notes for teens

Who says lunchbox notes are just for little kids? Your tween and teen need a boost in the middle of the day, too. Even if they don’t pull them out and show them off to their friends, these reminders tell them you believe in them and love them.  Download our notes for big kids here.

Lunchbox Notes for Girls

lunchbox notes for girls

Slip one of these into your daughter’s lunchbox to brighten her day, to thank her for her hard work, to commend her for her courage, and to express what all girls need to know: how loved she is. No matter who she sits with or what she has to eat, she will be uplifted when she is encouraged by the fun note you left for her. Download printable here.

Lunchbox Notes for Boys

lunchbox notes for boys

It’s lunchtime! When your son sits down in front of his lunchbox in the cafeteria at school, what does he look forward to most? Probably the fruit snacks. But there’s something you can add to his packed lunch that will be just as exciting for him as his favorite lunchtime side dish: lunchbox notes for boys. Download our free printable here.

Thanksgiving Lunchbox Notes

thanksgiving lunchbox notes

Use our printable Thanksgiving lunchbox notes to show your kids that you are thankful for them, thinking of them, and love them more than you can say. Plus they will help you both get excited about Thanksgiving break! Download the free printable here.

Christmas Lunchbox Notes

 christmas lunchbox notes

If there’s any season that calls for all the decorations, special songs, and themed everything, it’s Christmas! And you can add iMOM’s free printable Christmas lunchbox notes to that list. Download the free printable here.

Valentine’s Day Lunchbox Notes

valentines day lunchbox notes

Make this year’s Valentine’s Day celebration even more special by reminding your kids that they’re always loved by you and always will be! Use iMOM’s Valentine’s Lunchbox Notes to send your children to school with some extra love and affection! Download the printable here.

Lunchbox Notes for Year-End

lunchbox notes

For the end of the school year, iMOM has some encouraging lunchbox notes that will help our tired students stay focused and keep their eyes on the finish line. Download the printable here.

What ideas do you have for lunchbox notes themes?


What’s your favorite lunch for me to send to school?

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