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Dollar Store Scavenger Hunt Printable

Looking for a fun rainy day activity? Need to get out of the house and let the kids stretch their legs and exercise their brains? Try our Dollar Store Scavenger Hunt! Print the list, pile the kids in the car, and solve the riddles to grab items from the shelves. There are plenty of jobs for everyone – reading the list, carrying the basket, making sure mom doesn’t get sidetracked at the party supply aisle! Your kids will have to do some critical thinking and everyone will get a few steps in.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to buy what’s on the list. Part of the hunt can be remembering where everything goes so it can be put away. But if you feel like giving prizes, let the kids hit up the toy or book aisle when they’ve finished the hunt. Our Dollar Store Scavenger Hunt builds teamwork, family togetherness, and problem-solving, all for a dollar or less!

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