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Family Christmas Bucket List

Every year during the Christmas season my husband and I watch a particular movie together. If a year went by without doing it just wouldn’t feel the same. It’s the small moments with loved ones that make this time of year so special. Add even more joy to your holiday season by making Christmas memories with these 12 simple ideas for family fun from our Family Christmas Bucket List.

The beautiful thing about this Christmas bucket list is that it has some things you’ve probably been meaning to do and a few things that are super simple but can easily get overlooked in the busyness of the season. I mean, seriously, if Christmas comes and goes and you haven’t sipped on hot cocoa on the couch under a warm blanket, did Christmas even happen? 

Now if you look at our Christmas bucket list and see a couple of ideas that make you think, “That’s not my family’s style,” just cross through it and replace it with something that suits you better. This is about you and your family spending time together, making memories, and enjoying the special spirit that makes Christmas time so meaningful. So think of your favorite movie, Christmas craft, or recipe. If your Christmas won’t feel complete without it, add it to the list! 

The best parts of the holidays are the traditions that come back around and remind families of their closeness and bond. Having family traditions (even weird ones) give kids a sense of identity and belonging. We bet you didn’t know that the three-legged snowball fight you have every year is helping your kids grow in their family identity! So keep it up, add traditions to this Christmas bucket list and celebrate simple moments together this holiday. 


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