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Good Manners Reward Chart

Encourage your kids to become masters of manners with iMOM’s printable Good Manners Reward Chart. Pick the manners you want to work on in each category: family, table, and social and then take it one day at a time. As the chart fills up with checkmarks, smiley faces, or tiny star stickers, you’ll get to witness your kids growing in their good manners and respect for themselves and others.  

Work on family manners with our 10 Family Manners for Kids chart. It will help remind your kiddos to knock before entering a room, pick up after themselves, and ask when they want to borrow clothes or a toy. Then track them on the chart!

Dial into table manners with our 10 Table Manners for Kids printable. Watch your Good Manners Reward Chart fill up with stars as your kids sit up straight at the dinner table, take normal-sized bites, and clear the table when they’re done. 

You’ll love watching the social manners row fill up as your kids look people in the eye when they speak, say please and thank you, and allow others to finish speaking before they respond. Our 10 Social Manners printable can help remind them of those good manners and more. 

Manners are about more than just common courtesy. They are a sign of respect for the people around us – those who are older and those our own age. Showing good manners can help our kids build better friendships, impress at a job interview, and show love to their family. Combine the chart with our Good Manners Reward Coupons and celebrate progress with one-on-one time, a special dessert, or bonus screen time. You can even create your own reward on one of the blank cards. 

Need more help? Click here for 19 Good Manners for Kids!

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