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10 Table Manners for Kids

If you’ve spent any time browsing the pages of iMOM, you know that we think mealtime is a priceless time for families. Around the table is where conversations about school, friendship, social issues, and family values happen. It’s also where table manners for kids are taught and reinforced and reinforced again! And table manners are about more than just elbows and napkins; the bigger picture is respect, appreciation, and courtesy. Good manners at meals come in handy at holidays when grandparents come to visit and even at the lunch table in the cafeteria.

So print this adorable free Table Manner for Kids printable and post it somewhere near the dinner table. For little kids, it’s worth it to review the list before dinner starts. You could even pick two manners per week to work on. After a couple of months, you’ll have covered the entire list and have a much more peaceful meal. And isn’t that part of the goal? Sure, time at home is meant to be teachable time, but if the whole family can enjoy a meal together without correction and reprimanding, meals would be better for everyone! Then reward those newly learned good manners with our Manners Rewards Coupons

The other goal is to send your kids to friends’ houses, restaurants, or dinner with a boyfriend or girlfriend’s parents with confidence that they will know how to act properly and treat their host, server, or fellow guests with respect. We think the table manners for kids on this printable cover most of the good manners, but feel free to add some of your own! You’ll be the family at the restaurant who gets compliments from passers-by about how well-behaved and polite your kids are, and what mom doesn’t feel amazing when that happens!

Get even more help with manners here with 19 Good Manners for Kids.

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