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Good Manners Reward Coupons

Your kids already know the magic words “please” and “thank you”—now use our Good Manners Reward Coupons for kids to inspire them to reach the next level of great manners. Positive reinforcement is such a great teaching tool. Moms use it all the time to point out when our kids have behaved in a way we want to see more of. When our kids share, ace a test, or take out the trash without being nagged, we praise or reward them. Manners are just as important, but they often get neglected. But not anymore! iMOM’s Good Manners Reward Coupons are so cute, you’ll want to watch for good manners just so you can hand them out. 

Pick a couple of manners to focus on for the week –  “Kids! This week we’re working on chewing with our mouths closed and not interrupting.” Then when they reach the goal you’ve set, they get to pick the coupon they want the most. 

The secret behind these reward coupons is the rewards themselves. Whether your child is craving some one-on-one time with you or finally wants to be the one to pick the movie the family watches, these rewards are a great incentive. We even left a couple of coupons blank so you can customize the reward to fit your child. You know what they are really craving that will help you get to your goal quickly. 

And these aren’t just for little kids. If you have a teenager who needs a refresher on good manners because hormones causing some serious rudeness, just use those blank squares for a reward that appeals to them.  When you get compliments on your kids’ behavior, you can pass the printable along. After all, sharing is a sign of good manners! 

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