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10 Social Manners for Kids

I do my best to encourage my children to be polite. But in the training stage (all of childhood!), they still need reminders here and there. That’s why I love this Social Manners for children printable. It’s ten little things that will make a big difference in helping my kids in the etiquette department. It has the “easy to do” manners like saying please and thank you, but it also covers manners for the plugged-in generation: Put down your electronics when someone enters the room. Our kids are never to young to start learning manners and never too old to be reminded of what we taught them. 

Our kids spend so much time on screens today and even as adults, we interact with other people much less than we used to. Just think about how we used to do our banking. You’d go see a teller face-to-face, or maybe through the speaker box and a drive-thru window. You had to smile, exchange greetings, explain your needs, and do the transaction. Now, you open the banking app, click a button, and you’re done! Sure, it’s convenient, but our social manners are getting rusty! Our kids don’t get the same opportunity to practice manners as we did, so it’s up to us to teach and remind them of these basics. 

Knowing and showing good social manners will serve our kids in every area of life – dating, friendship, school, and their career. And it can all start with this simple printable. You can post the 10 Social Manners for Kids printable at home or in the classroom and then put stickers or stars on the ones your child is doing well. Because, hey, it’s just good manners to acknowledge the hard work of others, right? 

Get more help with manners here with 19 Good Manners for Kids.

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