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iSpy Game for Fall

Grab a sweater! As a crisp breeze blows across your yard, red and yellow leaves leave their trees and land along your street. The kids are eager to rake them into giant piles to jump in. They’ll probably want to do it again. And they should, because fall is finally here. You can feel it in the air. But you can also spy it with your eye.

For a fun, seasonal twist on iSpy games, we’ve created the iSpy Game for Fall. This printable encourages kids to keep an eye out for this season’s sights: changing leaves and cozy scarves and warm beverages in big mugs. How many fall scenes will your children see this season?  Let them check off each autumn item on the list. Want the fun to keep going? Try out some riddles on your kids!

What is your favorite fall game to play with your kids?

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