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Prayer for Your Unborn Baby

In every moment of pregnancy, something’s growing. Baby’s fingers and toes, your belly and ankles! It’s easy to see how you and the baby are physically changing, but those aren’t the only changes happening. Mom, you have nine months (plus a little) to grow in your faith and hope for your child. A prayer for your unborn baby will help you focus one month at a time on believing that God will do great things with this little one.

During pregnancy, there’s so much to think about. There’s the registry, the nursery, maybe the toddler or two running around, eating healthy, and getting exercise. Our Prayer for Your Unborn Baby free printable will help you slow down and reflect on the hope you have for your new son or daughter. We’ll journey with you month-by-month with nine separate words to reflect on and pray about. You can even pray that you’ll grow in these areas, too!

Each month as you think about the word or characteristics, use the accompanying scripture to remind yourself of God’s promises and faithfulness. Because we know every family is different, we’ve also created a blank version. Your prayer for your unborn baby is uniquely yours, so pick your own words and make your own beautiful design.

The inspiration for our Prayer for Your Unborn Baby free printable is someone who knows a bit about pregnancy. Sarah Molitor is a mother to six boys and the author of the new book I Grew With You. (And she’s insanely popular on Instagram @modernfarmhousefamily.) In I Grew With You, Sarah speaks to her unborn baby about the mother-child bond created during pregnancy. Before a child even takes his or her first breath, there is so much joy, humor, and sweetness shared between mother and baby. What better way to strengthen that bond than by praying for your baby while you are both growing?

What’s your greatest prayer for your unborn baby?

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