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Progress Roadmap

Will your child have what it takes to succeed? If he wants to play sports in college, does he have the diligence to steadily do his school work and practice almost 45 hours a week? If he wants to go to med school, will he be diligent enough to push through 80 plus hours a week he’ll spend at the hospital for his residency? If he wants to be a missionary, will he have the diligence to work around the clock when needed? Even if your child chooses a path different from the ones above, he needs to be taught diligence, and how to live it out every day. Why? Because kids who learn how to take care of their responsibilities and work hard become adults who enjoy greater career success and have happier, more stable lives. That’s why it’s good to show them a personal development plan.

Training your child to faithfully complete certain chores and take responsibility for her school work is one of the keys of How to Teach Diligence to Your Child. Try our printable You Can Do It! charts to help your child establish a habit of taking care of a certain task each day, or our Progress Roadmap to help her work toward a longer-term goal.

Remember—by training your child to be diligent, you’re giving her a gift that will pay dividends for a lifetime!

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