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50-Day You Can Do It Chart

For little kids, 50 days can feel like a lifetime. You might as well tell them it’s 50 years! But for bigger kids, tracking a goal for about two months is just what they need to learn a skill, like multiplication tables, or to form a good habit, like not hitting the snooze button. Our 50-Day You Can Do It Chart will turn daily practice into major progress. 

You can use our 50-Day You Can Do It Chart to track brushing and flossing, reading, practicing an instrument, or making the bed. It will help your children stay motivated and focused as they strive to reach a goal. Every day, you can celebrate a small victory by checking a day off on the chart. Once the chart is completed, you’ll have a huge victory to celebrate! Don’t forget to let the kids come up with some fun rewards for the day they reach the last circle!

We all know that staying motivated as we chip away at a goal is difficult. We think the visual reminder of progress as they round the corner to the next stage is a great way to keep your kids’ spirits up and show them that every step forward, no matter how small, is a step in the right direction. 

If your child needs a shorter or longer stretch of time to work toward a goal, check out our 10-Day You Can Do It Chart, 25-Day You Can Do It Chart, and 100-Day You Can Do It Chart. And Mom, these charts are cute enough that you can use them for your goals, too. Imagine 100 days of drinking eight glasses of water or reading a daily devotional! You’ll be so proud of yourself.

So print the chart today and start cheering on your kids one day at a time!

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