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Stressed Out Mom Scale

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Do you ever feel like all of the needs of your children are wearing you out?  Do you feel like “me time” is a concept you just can’t fathom?

See where you fall on the “Mommed Out” scale.  Count how many of these apply to you, and see your score below:

  • You look at your precious angels and think to yourself, “The only way I could love you more is if you were asleep.”
  • You daydream about a walk on the beach only to wake up and realize you’re standing in a pile of crushed cereal.
  • You wish your forehead was equipped with an open and closed sign made of flashing neon.
  • Scavenger hunts for lost homework, clothes, shoes, or sports equipment rival the adventures of Dora the Explorer.
  • The books on your “must read” list all have cartoon animal characters or have something to do with a man named Seuss.
  • Your husband comes home and says, “What is that awful smell?” and you think, “What smell?”
  • The thought of taking a goat to the grocery store is more appealing than taking your own children.
  • Feeling like the moon and the stars need to be in perfect alignment before you can even think about going out with friends.
  • While at your child’s practice, your thoughts wander to visions of a movie at the theater, dining out alone or—better yet, getting a solid night’s sleep.
  • You dream of cooking your family a dinner that consists of more than chicken fingers, bread without crust and plain noodles with butter.
  • You consider sewing yourself an outfit made of paper towels.
  • You’ve considered putting a taxi fare meter in your family vehicle to make extra money.
  • You can’t remember the last time you went to the bathroom alone.
  • Your holy grail is first place in the afterschool pick-up line.
  • You wish you had arms like an octopus making you the better octo-mom.
  • Your catchphrases are:

Don’t make me.
Who has lost their mind?
Maybe next time.
They just ran out.
This store doesn’t have a toy department.

  • You’ve baked enough cupcakes and cookies that when placed side by side, could circle the globe twice.
  • You can count on one hand how many hours you’ve slept this week.
  • You remember when laundry day was just one day.
  • You forgo your dream kitchen to pay for school tuition, music lessons or sports clubs.
  • The most strategic thing you do all day is avoid candy in the check-out lane and fast food drive-through.
  • You’re proud of your ninja-like prowess as the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny and Santa Claus.
  • Just once, you wish your child’s whine came with some cheese.
  • Your time-out chair sees more action than your dining room chair.
  • You’re hoping that stains will become the new black.
  • You wish you really did have eyes in the back of your head.

What your score means:

0 – 5    Seriously?  Please tell us your secret!

6 – 12  You can still walk into a room and remember what you came in there to get.  Good job!

13 – 20  Talk to your husband TODAY about needing some “me” time!

21 – 26  Can you say, “How many more years before you go to college? 

 Where are YOU on the stressed out mom scale? Leave a comment below! 


What is something that’s more fun to do as a group, than by yourself?

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