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The One-Hour No Screen Family Challenge

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This challenge might be a breeze to you and your family. If so, great! The challenge is this: spend one hour a day as a family away from all screens, for seven days. That’s a one hour a day screen free week. That includes phones, iPads, laptops, and video games. Zero devices for 60 minutes. And, small devices like phones and computers get put away, out of sight, and not in anyone’s pockets or clothing that they’re wearing. The Challenge will do wonders for your family. So are you up for it?

We have a printable for you to keep track of how you do during the challenge and some ideas on how to spend your hour. The printable has space for each family member to sign their name and commit to the challenge. Then, after each day you complete, each person initials it. You can present the one-hour challenge to your kids as something that might be difficult, but doable. Before you start the challenge come up with a family celebration you can all take part in once the seven days are over. Before you start your hour, gather everyone together in the same place. Get dramatic. Set the kitchen timer and say together, “On your mark! Get set! No screens!”

And, we have 10 ways to spend your screen-free time.

Scavenger Hunts. We have some great ones like this, and this, at

Conversation starters. We have lots of those too at

Bake or Cook Together.

Reading Fort. Have the kids help you build a fort where everyone climbs into, or under, and reads.

Paint Together. Paint a picture of the same object and compare them.

Play Board Games. Catan is a great one for older kids, as well as Scattergories and Boggle. Try Cariboo for preschoolers and Hungry Hippo.

Make Something.

Go Outside. Take a walk or go for a bike ride.

Get Sweets. Go for ice cream or smoothies.

Get Bored. It can actually fuel creativity and camaraderie as you all deal with it together.

Tell us! What does your family like to do when the screens get turned off?


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