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11 Ways to be the Meanest Mom Around

Are you a member of the “Mean Mom” Club? My kids say I’ve definitely earned my membership!  Here’s how I did it:  I wouldn’t let them have a Coke last week on a school night.  Caffeine and early bedtimes don’t mix.  My next mean mom moment?  We were the first ones to leave an evening pool party; again, on a school night.  Everyone else got to stay late.  And, finally, I was one mean mom when I wouldn’t let my son have cookies for breakfast.  Mean!

If you want to get started on being a mean mom, here’s how.  You can also take the mean mom pledge and check out our 11 new ways to be the meanest mom around.

A mean mom…

  1. Tries to get her kids to bed on time on school nights.
  2. Limits the amount of caffeine, sugar and processed foods her children consume.
  3. Limits the amount of time her kids spend watching TV, playing video games and surfing the net.
  4. Is true to her word.  If she says, “You can’t watch TV until your room is clean.” then you can’t watch TV until your room is clean.
  5. Knows where her kids are at all times—including her teenagers.
  6. Insists on knowing who her kids are hanging out with.
  7. Demands that her children show respect to their teachers and other adults.
  8. Expects her children to do their best.
  9. Screens the movies and music her children want to see and hear.
  10. Disciplines her children, even when it breaks her heart.
  11. Knows that being “mean” will benefit her children in the long run.

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  • Worried mom

    This is a great article. More needs to be done about the easy access kids have to porn. You never hear about this scary epidemic on the news. We tell kids “don’t do drugs” and “don’t text and drive” which are equally important, but I believe there needs to be a campaign more widely advertised to protect our children from online porn. I have restrictions set on my 13 year old sons phone and only I know the code. I have his internet search settings on so he can’t access adult websites. He doesn’t like the restrictions but to me it’s necessary. I’m so afraid of what will happen with this generation of kids with iPhones and tablets etc whose parents haven’t set any restrictions on them.

  • drrichardnorris

    Every parent needs to be vigilant if they truly care about the growth and development of their kids. We also need to be engaged with our kids daily life including their friends etc.

    I cannot fathom how some people see porn as okay when it causes so much harm in marriages and denigrates intimacy between man and a woman into something purely physical not to mention the men and women who are lured into the industry.

    Thanks for reminding me to pray about this for my kids, my family and society as a whole.

  • Wife

    Its overwhelming how vigilant we have to be and discouraging trying to keep up. Technology is changing so fast as a working mom I am not able to keep up with the many ways kids can go around the blocks put in place.
    I know that throwing away all the technology is not the answer, but sometimes I’m tempted.
    I feel like I need constant advice in the many areas I need to watch out for. I don’t have cable tv, but I have netflix, and when placing restrictions, I found some of my teenagers just went around me and visit websites that show all the tv shows that I would not allow in my home. I can’t keep up. That avenue is worst then having the cable stream through your living room. I shut off the internet in my home when I go to bed to eliminate internet browsing at night when everyone’s asleep. That helps. Even my teenager who has openly confess struggling with porn admits that was something he needed however what more can I do when its open all around them any hour of the day, by anyone in their lives.
    This is really a problem.

    • Janette

      I disagree with you on throwing away technology isn’t the answer. I think a nice cheap flip phone is good enough for any kid. If homework is a concern, there’s always the library. Sometimes you have to be a little “extreme”.. but I don’t even consider this extreme. Addictions to technology and pornography are a big deal. If your kids were drug addicts you wouldn’t say that throwing away drugs in the house were extreme. You have to do what’s really in the best interest of your kids.

  • Tina Davis

    One of the best things I have found to share with your boys is session #2 of Andy Stanleys – New Rules for Love, Sex and Dating. It is available free as a download to view and listen to through his ministry. It says that when you view pornography you are going to school. You are being taught that 1. A real woman’s body is not enough 2. Your wife’s body is not enough and 3. that one body is not enough – it is powerful and one of the best teachings to explain the damage that pornography will do long term.

  • Becky

    I would love to see a follow-up article to this that would lay out methods for how to set up protections on phones/computers/tablets/Tvs. Something in a step-by-step format would be extremely helpful.

    • Wife

      That’s a great idea, I would love to see that too. My kids are smarter then me when comes to technology . I need help.