3 Work Life Balance Tips That Actually Help

work life balance tips

I learned a lesson the hard way from a coworker’s note that she left for me on my desk one day. It had just four words — “Leave some for home.” Those words pushed my personal boundary line and sent me silently screaming straight to panic that day. The many work plates I had spinning came crashing down at my feet. Up to this point, I had worked hard to maintain a productive work life. Heaviness hit as I realized my choices were at the expense of a safe balance between my home life and work life. I was overwhelmed, overcommitted, and overdue for some needed margin. On the drive home, I focused on my unbalanced life and knew I had to make some changes – or I’d break.

There is no easy formula for a perfect balance when juggling work and home, but these 3 work life balance tips will help.

Tip #1 – Set up Safe Boundaries.

We aren’t programmed to work seven days a week. So a good place to start is to define the tasks you have to do separately from what you want to do. Even though you are good at doing many things, that doesn’t give you permission to do them all. It helps to say no or not now instead of yes to everything. {Tweet This} Your boundaries are like a good conversation. You need to hear from both sides by listening to your strengths and weaknesses. Somewhere in the middle, you can define your permissions and examine the trade-offs.

Tip #2 – Fight for Balance.

There is always some task to do at work and likewise at home. Often we are caught up in the hustle of this fast-paced instant culture. It’s hard to slow schedules down because we feel if we aren’t always doing or going, we aren’t being productive. We have to learn to fight for balance because people make great demands on our time. Many times we fall under someone else’s “tyranny of the urgent.” Their emergency shouldn’t define your urgency. So a good place to start is to prioritize your lists for both home and work. Acknowledge that you can’t do it all and be willing to stand up to those who think you can.

Tip #3 – Draw the Line for Distractions.

Make some BIG decisions to be fully present both at home and at work. A good place to start is to only check your work email once a day at home, and if possible, leave your personal email for home time. One of the hardest things to do is to leave work behind you when you walk out the door. Use the drive home as a sort of separation from the unaccomplished tasks you’re leaving behind, reassuring yourself that you’ll tackle them when you return to work. Then, when you’re home, switch into mom mode. To live a healthy mental life, you have to separate your mind from each place.

When you put all these habits into practice, you  can create a better work life balance. The rewards will be huge —  you’ll bring stability and strength to your family life and better maintain a dynamic energy and function well when you’re at work. So do those tips sound like they would help you? We have lots more helpful ideas for working moms to achieve that often elusive work life balance.