5 Questions for Having The Talk with Your Kids

having the talk

If you haven’t had The Talk with your kids – it could be time. Take it from me, the mom of an 11-year-old and a 13-year-old, the topic of sex is bombarding our children in every part of their lives; {Tweet This} it’s in the music they come across, in the commercials that play over and over on TV, and in the conversations they hear when they’re hanging out with other kids. So we shouldn’t fool ourselves into thinking that we can protect our children from outside influences on sex until they’re 15, or even 13.

Instead, the more we dialogue about sex with our children, the more opportunities we will have to guide and influence their thinking – to control the message. {Tweet This} This isn’t to say we should bring the topic up all of the time, but we do need to be ready when natural opportunities arise, to make this an ongoing conversation.

If you haven’t had The Talk with your children, these 5 Questions Other Parents Have Asked Will Help You.

If you have had The Talk, go a step further and see if you know how your teen would answer these 9 Questions about sex. They’re very direct, so decide carefully if your child is ready to answer them.

These Waiting for Sex TALK conversation starters are a great way to dialogue about why it’s important to save sex for marriage.

And if you’re wondering about abstinence as an option to present to your kids, take a look at this.

When will you have The Talk with your children?