5 Reasons You Need to Stop Believing in Prince Charming

Are you still looking for Prince Charming?  Do you expect your husband to be Prince Charming?  Married life will actually be a lot better if you can cast aside the Prince Charming myth.  Here are 5 reasons you’ll want to do it.

1. Prince Charming doesn’t exist.

Of course it would be great if he did.  Who doesn’t want to be swept away on a white horse and live in a castle with servants, fancy balls and room service?  But, there is no perfect man.  The grass may seem greener on the other side of the castle wall, but what you don’t know is that the grass over there is artificial!

2. If Prince Charming did exist, he’d expect you to be perfect too.

Ooo, girl.  If you did get Prince Charming, imagine the pressure of living up to his standard of perfection.  Think about it…he’s never going to age, he’s always in a good mood, and he can eat a feast every night and not gain weight.

3. He’d annoy you.

Did you see the movie, Enchanted?  Yes, Edward the prince was a good guy, but eventually the Prince persona wears thin.

4. Prince Charming couldn’t make it in the real world.

Prince Charming may slay dragons, but do you really think he’d be up for unclogging the toilet at 3 a.m.?  What about driving a car full of sweaty boys or sitting through dance class every week?

5. The Prince Charming myth distracts you from the real prince in your life.

Ladies, it bears repeating, there is no perfect man.  Your husband may not be all you dreamed he would be, but that’s the reality of life.  The secret is looking for the good in him and letting love cover his shortcomings.  We’re not saying to ignore areas of your relationship that could be better.  We are saying that it’s better to keep your expectations in check and appreciate the man who chose to spend his life with you, rather than looking longingly out the window for someone who doesn’t exist.  Your husband might not be Prince Charming, but he can still be your prince.

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