5 Water Games!

water games

Summers are meant to be spent playing in and with water. {Tweet This} Some of my favorite summer memories as a child include playing with water. My brother and I loved the games we made up in the pool; water balloons and the slip-n-slide were a constant source of backyard entertainment for us. This summer, cool off and play hard with these 5 water games for your kids.

1. Water Balloon Toss

Fill up several water balloons—making them as full as possible so they’ll burst more easily. (You can buy an inexpensive hose attachment that makes filling balloons a whole lot easier). Have your children pair up and face each other, standing very close. Give one balloon to one person in each pair. Have him toss the balloon to his partner. If the balloon stays intact, they take a step back and toss the balloon again. Continue until the balloon bursts.

2. Water Balloon Lift Off

Take a blanket or sheet and lay it on the ground. Have everyone stand around it. Place a water balloon in the center and have everyone grab hold of the sheet or blanket and lift it.  Now, have everyone start waving the sheet up and down to see how high the balloon will go.

3. Water Balloon Whiffle Ball

Batter up! Use a plastic whiffle ball bat and water balloons for balls. If you don’t fill the balloons too tightly, you can actually hit them without bursting them.

4. Drip Drip Splash

This is a variation of Duck Duck Goose. Sit in a circle. The standing person holds a cup of water. While walking around the circle they say “drip” and flick water on the person below using their hand. Then they say “splash” and pour the entire cup on a chosen person. The race is then on to get around the circle and sit down before being caught.

5. Water Limbo

How low can you go? Turn on your water hose and shoot a stream of water horizontally to use as your limbo stick. For each turn, lower the water.

What are some of your kids’ favorite water games?


  • Brenda Hughett

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    • Healthyglo

      Find a new therapist. I believe the point they are making is your son is considered an adult at this point and he has to be willing to make adult decisions to take care of himself. You might use that as a conversation piece to discuss how important it is for your son to make positive choices that will improve his life now and in the future. Parenting a child with ADHD/OD is not easy, but you are his advocate. Don’t give up on him. Find a new therapist and explain the consequences to your son if he does not follow through on making the appointments.