7 Life Hacks for Moms

life hacks

If anyone needs a good life hack, it’s a mom! Life hacks are simple ideas that make life easier. Once you learn a hack, you feel like it’s the way things should’ve been done all along. Some life hacks are weird: Doritos are great for kindling fire. Some are incredibly useful: Toothpaste cleans dirty headlights and dental floss cuts cake perfectly! You’ve got your money savers: Cut the bottoms off lotion bottles to get extra product. And some life hacks are just downright tasty: Freeze coffee in ice cube trays for iced coffee that doesn’t get watered down!

How did I ever live without these? Well, we have some great life hacks here at iMOM.com, too. They cover everything from discipline, to showing love, to fostering good conversation, to home organization. They don’t involve Doritos or dental floss, but they will help make mom life easier. So check out these 7 life hacks and be sure to share them with a friend who could use a hand.

Homework Life Hack: Homework Magic

Is homework your most dreaded time of day? Our Homework Magic printable will help restore peace to that hour (or two!) by giving step-by-step instructions and order to after-school time. Post it where the kids can see it and watch them learn small lessons in time management and responsibility.

Consequence Life Hack: Consequence Calculatorconsequence calculator

If there’s one area where moms need a life hack, it’s discipline. Consistency is key, but it’s tricky when there are so many variables. How often is the misbehavior happening? What is the attitude behind it? How severe was the act? And because moms are human, our moods have a strong influence on the consequences we dole out. This calculator is a great tool for moms and a useful visual for kids. They’ll know exactly why they are getting the type of discipline you’re handing out. And if you need some fresh ideas because the old consequences aren’t working, check out our 21 Creative Consequences.

Prayer Life Hack: 10 Ways to Pray for Your Child

Do you find yourself thinking of the same few things over and over again during your prayer time? Maybe you don’t pray for your kids yet, but you want to start. Our 10 Ways to Pray for Your Child printable is the perfect way to think outside the box and offer up scripture-based prayers of truth and love for your child. You can’t hack your way out of worrying about your children, but remembering that God loves them even more than you do and placing them in His hands daily will bring you peace.

Conversation Life Hack: After School Talkafter school

Do your after-school conversations feel like pulling teeth? Do dinner table chats about the day result in one-word answers? Try this mom life hack: Ask the right questions. We all know asking open-ended questions will get a more detailed response, but “how was school” is an open-ended question. How’s that one working out for ya? Print out this list of after-school conversation starters. We think you’ll love using it as your chit-chat cheat sheet.

Lunchbox Life Hack: Lunchbox Notes

Nothing brightens a kiddo’s day more than seeing a note from mom in his or her lunchbox. Well, maybe getting a 100% on a test, but the note is a very close second! It’s a sweet way to let kids know you love them and that you are their biggest cheerleader as they navigate all the ups and downs of the school day. A sticky note with “I love you” is a great message, but sometimes we want to switch things up a little. iMOM has the ultimate lunchbox note hack with these printables for boys, girls, middle schoolers, teens, and even holidays!

Clutter Life Hack: Little Clutter JailLittle Clutter Jail

Life as a mom of little kids is pretty much made up of one mess after another. For some of these messes, it’s all you, mom. As much as we want the 2-year-old to clean the bathroom, the rubber gloves are just a little too big. But there are some messes that are kid-sized and clean up is kid-capable. This life hack will make keeping toys tidy a snap, and it’s super cute! Downloading Little Clutter Jail today means one less mess for you.

Pet Care Life Hack: Pet Responsibility Chart

Taking care of family pets is a great stepping stone for kids to learn big responsibilities. And the best part—the amount of responsibility you give your child can vary based on age, so as the pet grows, so does your child. iMOM’s Pet Responsibility Chart is a great life hack for moms who are so overwhelmed feeding, cleaning, and picking up after the humans in the house that the thought of handling the non-humans is pushing her over the edge!

What life hacks have changed your life?