Good Character for Kids: How to Raise Loving Kids

To kids, love is often just a word or a feeling.  But we grown-ups know (or we should know) that love is more about action and attitude than feelings.

1. Others first.

Teach your children to be sensitive and responsive to the needs of others. Simply stopping to ask what a friend or family member may need, and being willing to put those needs first, shows love. Pausing to consider how others may feel about a particular situation and what you can do to help is also loving. True love—the kind that Christ modeled for the world—is all about denying self for others.

2. Hand and hand.

Love and kindness go hand-in-hand.  It’s difficult to convey love to others when you are treating them unkindly.  So brush up on How to Teach Gentleness to Your Children and point out the love/kindness connection whenever you can.

3. Encourage love.

The home is a great place to learn about love.  You can model love by treating your husband lovingly.  You can foster love between sisters and brothers with our Top Ten Reasons Why I Love printables.

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