How to Be a Better Wife

How to be a Better Wife

Guess what?  We have just what you need to help you be a better wife before the sun goes down this evening!  You won’t have to read a book, you won’t have to listen to a podcast, and you won’t even have to read a really long article.

When my husband wrote a post about how to be a better spouse, it hit home.  I loved the list because it was simple things I could do right now.  It also hit home because I realized that I fall short of doing those things.  But, it did inspire me to come up with my own to-do list of how to be a better wife.

1. Put him first.  Okay, we’re going to hit the ground running. This is a biggie, but you can do it.  Put your husband ahead of your children.  We didn’t say forget your children, but make your husband your priority. How?  Stay focused on what he’s saying even if your children are trying to interrupt you.  Do something sweet just for him.  A good place to try this out is in the kitchen or the bedroom.

2. Be happy!  You don’t have to have a smile on your face 24/7, but be the kind of person you’d want to be around.  Be joyful, especially if your husband is down.  You could turn out to be the best thing that happened to him all day.

3. Trust him. This goes beyond just tuning in to what he’s saying.  I have a friend married to a doctor, so it’s safe to assume he knows something about anatomy and how the body works.  Well, when their first child was a baby, she wouldn’t trust him or act on any of his advice for the physical care of their child.  Since then, she’s learned that feeling trusted is important to most men.  Needless to say, she takes his advice more regularly now.

4. Go to bed with him.  Not that kind of going to bed (see #1 for that one!), but actually going to sleep when he does.  Time spent together before you both fall asleep has the potential for bonding and sharing.  Try it tonight.

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  • Amanda Dickson

    Great advice. I used to have a hard time with #4 because I suffer from severe insomnia and have for several years. Sometimes I go two or three days without sleep. I’ve managed to fix this problem by going to bed with my husband every night, regardless of whether or not I’m going to be able to sleep.

    Every night when he goes to bed, I go with him. We have the same routine every night and have since we started living together. We get into bed and he lays on his back, I lay with my head on his chest, his arm around me. We have our “pillow talk” and then we lay quietly until one of us starts to fall asleep (usually him). When he starts to “twitch” or when one of us is ready to roll over, we give each other a kiss goodnight and say “I love you,” then we each roll to the opposite side of the bed. We both sleep facing the outside of the bed and always have.

    If, after a while I can’t sleep, I wait until I know he’s I know he’s completely asleep and then I quietly get out of bed and go out to the living room. There I read until I think I’m sleepy enough to go back to bed. Many times that doesn’t happen and I end up staying up all night, and I’m there to greet him when he comes for breakfast in the morning.

    I didn’t realize how imporant it is to go to bed together until he started complaining about going to bed alone. After I made this simple adjustment, he started sleeping much better. Thanks for the reminder of just how imporant this really is!!