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6 Ways to Be a Joyful Mom

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I noticed something as I was putting my children to bed last night. They were extra affectionate with me. I wasn’t surprised because I had made a conscious effort to be joyful throughout the evening. Instead of being the command-shouting, clock-watching, “can you do this now,” mom, I chose to communicate with them in a less harsh manner. I made up my mind to leave a trail of joy as a happy mother.

When you walk into the room, do your kids smile or cringe? When you leave the room, do they sigh or applaud? We’re kind of kidding here, but what kind of trail do you leave behind during the day? Even though every moment can’t be sunny and fun, do try to be a joyful mom as much as you can. Here’s some mom advice on how to start!

1. Stop saying how tired you are.

If you’re always complaining about how tired you are, your kids will think you see your job as a mom as drudgery.

2. Smile at your kids.

Try this: Look at your child and smile. Keep smiling. If they ask you what you’re smiling about, say, “It just makes me happy to be your mom.”

3. Laugh! Find the humor in life.

If you tend to be fascinated by bad news or sad stories, don’t always share the grim and unfortunate things of life with your kids. Look for joy and laugh when you find it.

4. THC.

As we rush, rush, rush through our day, we can forget the simple joys of THC –tickling, hugging and cuddling our kids.

5. Don’t snap at your kids.

If you have something to say, say it in the nicest way you can and in a tone of voice that doesn’t come across as an impatient outburst.

6. Don’t rush your kids.

Going through the day telling your kids to “Hurry! Let’s go! Do it now!” leaves a trail of tension, not joy.

What are some other ways you show your kids you’re a joyful mom?


When you feel unhappy, how do you cheer yourself up?

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