How to Have a Holiday Romance with Your Man

holiday romance

Want to make this a Christmas to remember? Then turn down the lights and turn up the sizzle in your marriage with some holiday romance. Sure, it’s a busy season, but you’ve got lots of things working for you during the “most wonderful time of the year!” And don’t worry, our ideas for getting the sparks flying won’t overwhelm you with still more to do this holiday season. These ideas are simple, sweet, and, of course, sexy too.

1. Protect Date Night.

We know you get lots of invitations for gatherings this time of year, but that doesn’t mean you’re required to attend each and every one. Go ahead and write your date nights for the month on the calendar and honor them, even if you get asked to other events. If going to a grown-up party is a nice date night prelude to what you’ve got planned after hours, fine. But if you want your man all to yourself for the whole evening, feel free to send your regrets.

2. Romantic Holiday Movies.

Sometimes the best way to get in the mood for love is to enjoy a great love story together. {Tweet This} Snuggle up together to check out one of these holiday classics:

  • It’s a Wonderful Life
  • Holiday Inn
  • White Christmas
  • Miracle on 34th Street

3. Set the Stage.

Surprise your husband one night by letting him come home to a kid-free house (you can swap out babysitting with a friend), a fire in the fireplace, nothing but Christmas lights twinkling in the living room and a blanket on the floor…

4. Dress for Him.

Sure, your colorful, frumpy Christmas sweater is a tradition and your fuzzy reindeer socks are cute, but do they say “va-va-voom” to your man? Dress for romance occasionally during the holidays by playing up your feminine side and appealing to his favorite looks for you.

5. Date Night with Lights.

Have a date night where you start at a favorite romantic spot for dinner, and then hop in the car to cruise your favorite neighborhoods for great Christmas lights. Turn a romantic crooner on the radio, and if you find yourself parked on a quiet side street to make out like a couple of teenagers somewhere along the way…perfect.

6. Stuff His Stocking with Love.

Slip a couple of gift certificates in his stocking that can only be redeemed with you. Alone. Merry Christmas, baby.

7. Reminisce About Your First Christmas.

See how much each of you can remember about that first holiday season you spent together, in love…

And when the craziness of Christmas really does kick in, keep your husband happy with these 5 ways to make your husband your elf. 

P.S. Tell us how you keep the holiday sizzle in your marriage!