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Mark Merrill

Mark Merrill is the founder and president of Family First, a widely respected national non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening the family. read bio

A Sample Blessing for Your Child

By Mark W. Merrill


“You are my daughter, and I love you so much. You have great compassion for others, especially for those in need… words can’t express how thankful I am for you. You are a wonderful daughter.  I love you.”


How would you have felt if your parents had publicly said words like that to you?  That is the power of The Blessing.

For tens of thousands of years, in many countries and cultures throughout the world, rites of passage from childhood to adulthood have been an important part of life. This rite of passage that occurs around the time of puberty is sometimes called a "blessing."

You can use the sample below to come up with your own blessing, take a look at FAQ's about a Blessing ceremony.

The Blessing of [ insert child's full name]   

  1. Welcome and invocation by the mother, father, or minister.
  2. Introduction by mother or father. What is a blessing and what is it for?
  3. Mother prays for her child.
  4. Father (grandfather, Uncle, mentor) blesses the child [See Sample Blessing].
  5. Father presents the ring or necklace to the child as a symbol of the blessing.
  6. Other family members and friends present speak about the child.
  7. Celebration feast!

What should a blessing say? 

You can say anything you'd like that imparts a "good word" to your child.  Here is what I said to my children:      

The Blessing of [insert child's full name] 

[Child's name], you are my [daughter, son]; I love you and am so proud of you. You are no longer a little [girl, boy]. You are now a [woman, man]. You are well equipped with everything you need to fulfill your destiny as a [woman, man] of God.   Before the foundation of the earth, God Almighty planned for your life and planned for you to be a [woman, man]. Psalm 139 says that He created your inmost being. He knit you together in your mother's womb. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. All the days ordained for you were written by God even before you were born. There is nothing that you will ever need to do to become a [woman, man] because God has made you one. Tonight, we are simply recognizing publicly what God has done in you.   [Child's name], [Here, name all of the wonderful attributes and character traits of your child. For example, for your daughter you might say something like, "God has made you intelligent--you have a strong mind.  God has made you beautiful. I've also noticed since the time you were a little girl that our Lord has given you a great ability to understand right and wrong, good and evil. You are able to quickly read and understand people. You get along with everyone and are well-respected and well thought of by others, young and old alike. You are a leader and have used your leadership skills to make wise decisions concerning your friends and in many other areas of your life."    I am beyond joyful that God has given you to our family as a gift. You are a wonderful [daughter, son]. I love you and bless you with the promises of God. You are His and have been set apart from the world for his Holy purposes. I bless you with God's everlasting love, wisdom, peace, and joy. I bless you with sexual purity, marital fidelity, and many children of your own. May God continue to keep His hand of favor and prosper you in all that you do, and may you serve our Lord Jesus Christ all the days of your life.  Amen. 

[Present ring, necklace or other symbol of the blessing.] [Start celebration and feast!]


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At what age do you think a kid moves from being a child, to being an adult?



© Copyright 2004 by Mark W. Merrill. All rights reserved. For permission to publish any Family First material.   Mark W. Merrill is president of Family First, an independent, non-profit research and communications organization dedicated to strengthening the family.

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