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50 Ways to Connect with Your Son


Are you looking for ways to connect with your kids?  Here are 50 ideas to make the connection with your son.

1. Work on a project together.

2. Play catch.

3. Have a picnic.

4.Watch a game on TV.

5. Make your own banana splits with toppings and sprinkles.

6. Play a game.

7. Download a new iPad app and play it together.

8. Eat cookies.

9. Go listen to live music.

10. Give him a backrub.

11. Write letters to soldiers.

12. Shoot hoops.

13. Go camping.

14. Grill dinner.

15. Make homemade bubbles.

16. Play Frisbee.

17. Write him a note telling him how proud you are of him.

18. Read stories about heroes in the Bible.

19. Go on a bike ride.

20. Build something: bookshelf, giant tower of gumdrops.

21. Read the comics.

22. Play mini golf in the backyard.

23. Make a fort.

24. Create an iSpy mission together.

25. Go on a long drive.

26. Design and build a family website.

27. Make popcorn and watch a movie of his choosing.

28. Go bowling.

29. Put together Legos or Trio blocks.

30. Toss a balloon back and forth and see how long you can keep it in the air.

31. Make a video of him performing an awesome stunt.

32. Go on a nature walk.

33. Play flashlight tag.

34. Create a secret family code.

35. Have a coloring contest.

36. Go on a scavenger hunt.

37. Make breakfast for dinner (don’t forget the bacon!).

38. Learn a magic trick.

39. Make it a competition: fastest heel-walker, slowest dancer.

40. Start a collection.

41. Look through cookbooks and ask him what recipes look good.

42. Learn to play the guitar.

43. Play speed stacking with plastic cups.

44. Challenge him to solve a mystery (like what happened to the chocolate chip cookies you put in the cookie jar just last night).

45. Search for insects with a magnifying glass.

46. Watch funny YouTube videos.

47. Make slime with cornstarch and water.

48. Build a city out of blocks.

49. Work out together—go on on a run, lift weights.

50. Try to break a world record.


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End your day: Talking with your child...

What’s the most fun thing we’ve done together lately?


Adapted from: "21 Ways to Connect With Your Kids." Copyright © 2012 by Kathi Lipp. Published by Harvest House Publishers, Eugene, OR. Used by permission.


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