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20 Fun 4th of July Jokes for Kids


We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal and that all kids have the right to tell silly jokes! Independence Day is all about parades, fireworks, and red, white, and blue. But it’s also about spending time with your family and celebrating with laughter and smiles. So here are some 4th of July jokes for kids that will get everyone at your patriotic backyard cookout chuckling. 

No matter how you celebrate the USA, we think these jokes will fit right into your tradition. The kids can unleash some zingers between bites of their watermelon and hotdogs, or while they’re eating popsicles and drying off after running through the sprinkler. Better yet, save them for the big fireworks show and your little comedian will get “ooh and ahh,” on top of “ha, ha, ha!” Print iMOM’s 4th of July jokes for kids and declare independence for laughter everywhere!

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