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10 Best Things I’ve Done as a Mom

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We moms are really good at guilt. Boy, did I feel it this past Easter when our schedule was so packed that I never filled Easter baskets and we never got to our annual egg hunt.

It’s often crystal clear when I’ve fallen short — especially with bigger things like losing my temper when I should have remained calm or doubting my kids when I should have trusted.

While we need to own our mistakes, we also need to acknowledge what we’re doing well.

Let’s celebrate that today – not to boast but to affirm our work as moms.

In that spirit, here are 10 of the best things I’ve done as a mom:

1. Love out loud.

It was natural to say “I love you” when my kids were little, but we’ve continued through their adult years. Because we said it often, it became second nature and our phone calls nearly always end with “I love you.” Heaven only knows how saying “I love you” often and in different ways will bear fruit in our children’s lives.

2. Give it up.

This is the essence of parenting. We sacrifice sleep to rock a cranky baby, postpone hobbies to pour into our children and set aside our agenda to listen to our teen’s heart. While your kids may not see it now, your sacrifices for your children are the best kind of investment.

3. Do small things.

Mothering isn’t one big thing but thousands of small, thankless tasks. Our kids know they can count on us to drive the carpools, help with homework, nurse the fever, bring the forgotten lunch, and be there for them in all the pinches of life.

4. Steer their passions.

I’ve been a student of my kids. I know what motivates them, scares them, annoys them, thrills them. I see each of their innate abilities and interests and I’ve loved helping my kids develop their bents.

5. Stand strong.

Mothering well takes a strong spine. It’s hard to follow through with an unsavory consequence or make a decision that isn’t popular with our kids. And it’s unsettling in the moment when my children push back against a decision. But I’ve never regretted standing strong when I knew it was in their best interest.

6. Love the unlovable.

We’re called to love when everything isn’t Instagram perfect. I’ve loved my kids through tantrums, a spitting (yes, spitting) phase, teen glares, misunderstandings, and even pulling away. Some of you may have loved through harder situations.  It’s difficult to navigate but pushing through when our kids are unlovable is essential.

7. Dig for answers.

Sometimes parenting feels like one long research project. Since I first found out I was pregnant, I’ve read countless books, stalked websites, talked to fellow moms, and dug into issues from breastfeeding to weird rashes to college scholarships. I have been my children’s best advocate.

8. Be the hedge.

Mothering has meant protecting my kids in a world that sometimes seems to have gone crazy. I’ve said no to certain books and movies, sleepovers and unlimited screen time. This has allowed my kids to be kids and given me the say so over when issues are introduced.

9. Love their dad.

Time invested into marriage is time invested into our children. Strong marriages create stable families. I saw that so clearly when my husband passed away unexpectedly five years ago. Our marriage laid a huge foundation for our kids from which we continue to draw.

10. Teach them about God.

I’ve launched four of my seven children into college. As I look back over their years at home, setting aside time to pray with them and read the Bible together has been the single best thing that I’ve done as a mom. It’s allowed me to parent not just their behavior, but their hearts.

Moms, let’s replace the negative self-talk.  As you look at your own parenting, what are some of the things you are doing well?


What is something I do that shows you how much I love you?

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