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10 Things Moms Will Miss One Day

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I just had to take a picture. My 10-year-old son was all dressed for church and getting in the car with his baseball batting helmet on! Priceless. Timeless. A moment in a fast passing childhood. I want to feel the joy of those moments while I can because the day will come when I miss my kids. I will even miss the hard days.

It’s tough to imagine though when I’m craving just ten minutes to organize a cabinet, fold clothes, or watch something on TV alone. I need to remember that the day will come when I would even trade all of that “me time” for dried milk in the car, messy tween bedrooms, and picky eaters at dinner. You’re probably right there with me on this one…so for us, here’s 10 things moms will miss one day.

  1. Having someone constantly jumping on you, pulling on you, or following you.
  2. Having to spend an hour at bedtime lying with, reading to, and getting water for your children when you’re completely exhausted.
  3. Toys left in the shower, on the kitchen floor, and on the stairs.
  4. Driving a car that smells like sour milk, ketchup, and forgotten French fries.
  5. Being a human paper towel used to wipe noses, chocolatey fingers, and messy mouths.
  6. Not being able to read a book, check your email, or eat a meal because someone is climbing onto your lap, yelling for a new roll of toilet paper, or screaming, “Look at me! Look at me!”
  7. Staying up late listening for the sound of the front door opening and teenage feet walking into the house.
  8. Adapting every recipe to leave out onions, chunky tomatoes, or any ingredient with a questionable texture.
  9. Getting to the checkout at the grocery store and finding seven packs of gum, three bags of chips, and two half-eaten candy bars in the cart.
  10. Unexpected hugs, homemade cards, and having your children just one room away.

The time with our kids passes by quickly so take the time to savor it all, even the hard parts.

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Let’s Talk: What will you miss one day?


What do you think you’ll miss about childhood when you are all grown up?

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