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11 Tips for Weight Loss Success

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iSpecialist Dr. Walt Larimore co-authored the book Alternative Medicine: A Christian Handbook with colleague Dr. Dónal O’Mathúna, in which they explore natural, practical approaches to healthy living. Among their advice are lots of tips for those seeking to lose weight. Based on extensive research and evidence, the experts agree that weight loss success depends on the right mind-set.

1. Realize you’re tackling a challenge. Don’t expect it to be easy, and don’t be surprised when some days are harder than others.

2. Swap—don’t starve. Swap foods high in “bad” fats and “bad” carbohydrates for those that contain the “good” oils and complex carbs. A diet rich in whole grains, fruits and veggies can be filling and satisfying!

3. Make changes you can sustain. Think about adding fruit to your breakfast rather than vowing to eat cabbage soup everyday.

4. Move your body more. Every activity uses calories. Find an active pursuit you enjoy and someone you like to do it with. Being accountable to another person helps.

5. Start small. Giant leaps can wear you out and derail your efforts. Maybe replace one of your daily cans of soda with a bottle of water, rather than quitting cold turkey.

6. Enjoy what you do eat. Be thankful for your food and savor it, rather than focus on what you’re not eating.

7. If you slip up, don’t give up. Admit what you did, show yourself some grace, and set a new goal.

8. Keep yourself accountable. A food journal or an exercise partner can keep you on track and allow you to see your progress.

9. Enlist the support and prayers of friends and family. Let others know what you’re trying to accomplish so they can encourage you along the way.

10. Change your thinking. Don’t think “I’m going on a diet.” Switch to “I’m going to improve my habits and take better care of my body.”

11. Eat breakfast daily. Also, have a nutritious lunch. Keep dinner the smallest meal of the day and eat earlier in the evening.


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