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11 Ways to be the Meanest Mom Around

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Are you a member of the “Mean Mom” Club? My kids say I’ve definitely earned my membership! Here’s how I did it: I wouldn’t let them have a Coke last week on a school night. Caffeine and early bedtimes don’t mix. My next mean mom moment? We were the first ones to leave an evening pool party—again, on a school night. Everyone else got to stay late. And, finally, I was one mean mom when I wouldn’t let my son have cookies for breakfast. Mean!

If this is what being a mean mom means, then we believe mean moms are the best moms. If you want to get started on being a mean mom, here’s how. Check out our 11 ways to be the meanest mom around.

A mean mom…

  1. Tries to get her kids to bed on time on school nights.
  2. Limits the amount of caffeine, sugar, and processed foods her children consume.
  3. Limits the amount of time her kids spend watching TV, playing video games, and surfing the net.
  4. Is true to her word. If she says, “You can’t watch TV until your room is clean,” then you can’t watch TV until your room is clean.
  5. Knows where her kids are at all times—including her teenagers.
  6. Insists on knowing who her kids are hanging out with.
  7. Demands that her children show respect to their teachers and other adults.
  8. Expects her children to do their best.
  9. Screens the movies and music her children want to see and hear.
  10. Disciplines her children, even when it breaks her heart.
  11. Knows that being “mean” will benefit her children in the long run.

Tell Us! In what ways are you a “mean mom?”


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