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13 Danger Signs Your Child is Your Idol

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Children require a lot of time and attention. And because their needs are often immediate, we have to meet those needs at the expense of other tasks or relationships. As in most things, however, there is a balance between caring for our children responsibly, and making our whole world revolve around them at the expense of our husbands.

You love your kids and would do anything for them, right? But is that desire to give them your all coming at the expense of your relationship with your husband? Many husbands would say yes. They say that when children arrive, their relationship with their wife changes dramatically… and not always for the good. So, from the man’s perspective, here are 13 danger signs your child is your idol.

1. You and your husband don’t sleep in the same bed alone anymore. Either a child is in bed with you, or you sleep in your child’s room.

2. You’re sleep-deprived and not as interested in sex.

3. You’re sore from breastfeeding and feel parts of your body are “off-limits” to your husband.

4. You and your husband don’t go out as much because you don’t trust anyone to watch your child.

5. You overlook the stress your husband feels because bills have gone up dramatically.

6. Home-cooked meals have gone by the wayside.

7. You often correct your husband on the “proper way” to handle the children.

8. The only thing you want to talk about is the kids.

9. You don’t really make an effort with your appearance anymore. You’re too tired.

10. You give all of your free time at home to the kids.

11. You mainly treat your husband as the dad, not as the husband.

12.You let the kids do so many activities that you’re rarely available to your husband.

13. You sweet talk your children and talk sarcastically to or ignore, your husband.

Do you have another danger sign you would add to the list?


Is there anything in your life you feel like you spend too much time on?

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