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29 Days to Love That Sticks

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Winter is here and it’s cold where I live! If it’s not freezing where you are, iMom still wants to help you warm up your home with some cute and creative ways your family can show more love and kindness toward each other.

You see, I remember one winter when I had a cold heart. I realized that I was declaring everything like fancy coffees and piled high chocolate sundaes with descriptions that either started or ended with “I LOVE IT!” I even caught myself saying, “LOOOOOOOOVE IT!” about every pin on Pinterest one day.

That’s when it hit me that I was showing more affection for things than people and I wanted to change. So I went all in with intentionality to make a difference. I started my own note writing movement by putting a few compliments on some brightly-colored sticky notes and posting them around my home. I was surprised at the results and how much difference a little love makes (and you will be, too!). I dare you to try this for yourself. You’ll be bringing warmth to your own heart and to your family’s hearts as well.

Here’s a February-worth of sticky note ideas to bring a more loving and positive atmosphere to your home, so start today!

  1. Leave on the bedroom mirror: Good morning, sunshine!
  2. Stick to the video game controllers: You’re a winner!
  3. Put I “heart” you more than ______ on their electronic device or favorite toy.
  4. Write Your sole is the best! and place it in their shoes.
  5. Put on the bathroom cabinet: Thinking of you today!
  6. Serve hot dogs for dinner and put this note on your child’s plate: Doggone it, you’re so wonderful!
  7. Stick under their pillow: Remember you were fantastic today!
  8. Put a note on basketball, football, or dance shoes, etc. that says, I’m so proud of you.
  9. Post I not only like you, but I LUV U! on their favorite box of cereal.
  10. Pick their favorite movie and put a note on a bowl of popcorn that says, I love hanging out with you!
  11. Bookmark John 3:16 in their children’s Bible with a sticky note that says, You are loved more than you know!
  12. On their homework, stick a note that says, You are so smart!
  13. Stick on a new toothbrush/toothpaste, Smile, it’s your best look!
  14. On a school photo of the child, put this note: WOW, you are growing up too fast! Then pose for a goofy shot or a family selfie.
  15. Slip a PAYDAY candy bar into your child’s backpack for a lunchtime treat with a note: You’re nutty, but I love you anyway!
  16. Write I love you to the moon and back! and lay it on top of your child’s bookcase or favorite nighttime storybook.
  17. Plan some playtime at the local park or your backyard and put a note saying, You’re so FUN! on the back door.
  18. Plan a surprise stop at a drive-through to get a donut and put a note that says, I’m so glad you like sprinkles too!
  19. Put a Save the date note in your child’s lunchbox, and splurge for a cheese pizza night!
  20. Post a note that says, You are special! in with their comb or hairbrush.
  21. Put this note on a box of their favorite candy: Your hugs are sweet like chocolate!
  22. Post a Luv wuz here! note on their pile of clean clothes in their room.
  23. Post this note on the front door, Remember, You’re a winner!
  24. Put a You’re the nicest! on their favorite plate/bowl for breakfast in bed.
  25. On the way to school, post a note that says You matter! on the back of the front car seats (driver and passenger sides, as many as needed per child).
  26. Put a note on the dishwasher that says, You are getting better at this!
  27. Put an I love sharing my favorite cookie with you! note on a plate of heart-shaped cookies.
  28. Play a board game or host a family charade night with prizes, make some homemade trophies/ribbons that say, Your winning attitude is FABULOUS!
  29. On the refrigerator, put this note: I think you’re cool!

There are others ways to praise your children too, Check out iMOM’s compliments for kids, and lunchbox notes for more ideas about what to write on the notes. If you have older children, here are age-appropriate and creative ways to compliment them.

In a perfect world, we would love everyone all the time, but the challenge is to love people right where they are and help them along the way.

So if you wrote the sticky notes for a month, how would the atmosphere of your house change?

Janelle Keith loves lattes, good laughs, and lives to notice the good in others. She is the author of Grace for Your Waist, her story of losing 132 lbs. of weight.


What compliment makes your heart smile?

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