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3 for 1 Summer Ideas

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3 for 1 summer fun is when you pack 3 special activities (they can be little activities) into 1 day.  My children and I recently put some 3 for 1 summer fun ideas into action. Here’s how our day went: First, we chose an overall destination. We have a beautiful beach that’s just a little over an hour away, so we set out for the shore. Once we got there, we went for a swim. Our next activity was fishing on a pier. Our grand finale was a round of putt-putt golf.

Granted, this was a big 3 for 1 outing for us, but if we can do something like it every two or three weeks, it will help keep our summer interesting. If you’re really ambitious you can shoot for a 3 for 1 summer fun outing every week.

Here are some great 3 for 1 summer fun ideas to get you started!

You can get super fancy or keep things super simple with your 3 for 1 summer fun ideas.

City Dwellers.

This summer fun idea takes place in the city center nearest you. Do your research ahead of time and find three activities you can do within walking distance of each other. In my downtown, my kids and I can visit a museum (they have a free day each week that we’ll take advantage of), have a picnic lunch in the park, and take a tour of one of the skyscrapers.

Beach Bash.

This is the first 3 for 1 idea we brought to life. When you visit the beach, mix in sun fun with exploring fun. Go for a swim, then explore the area around the water. Take a break and visit an ice cream shop. Finish your beach time with a side trip to a local business, or ask a fisherman if you can check out his fishing gear.

Mall Meander.

Even if you go to the mall often, there are probably stores you and your kids have never been in. So first, visit one of these stores and talk to your kids about what you see. Next, visit a restaurant in the food court you’ve never frequented. Or, if you choose to eat at your usual spot, try something on the menu you’ve never had. Wrap up your trip with a mall walk. Estimate how long it will take you to do a full loop, and then time yourself, or estimate the number of steps and count those.

Bon Voyage!

I love this one. First, make a pretend passport (you can find templates on Pinterest). Next, come up with a few “international” destinations in your town. So, if you take your kids to an ethnic market, stamp their passport and write the name of the country you “visited.” Have lunch at a pizzeria — hello, Italy! Snack on a croissant — oui to France!

Let’s Talk: What’s your 3 for 1 summer idea?


What are your three favorite summer activities?

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