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4 Part Plan for Successful Parenting

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There are few tasks in life more complex than parenting a child from infancy through young adulthood. Their needs and abilities change rapidly and your parenting tactics are forced to modify accordingly. If you maintain your focus on a few fundamental goals, however, you can ensure that your methods have a strong chance of helping your child become an adult of whom you’ll be proud. We’ve identified what we believe to be the four key traits of contented and successful people and rounded up some expert advice on how to instill each of these in your kids.

So if you’re looking for a well-thought-out approach to being a mom, take a look at these 4 things you need to teach your children:

1. Self-discipline.

Let’s face it. One day you won’t be standing there to say no or that’s enough to keep your child out of trouble or to encourage the correct behavior. Self-discipline enables kids to avoid bad choices and their consequences, achieve more in the classroom and live within healthy boundaries in all areas of life. Read iSpecialist Dr. Scott Turansky’s 7 Secrets to Self-Disciplined Kids for some practical ways to teach your kids to require more of themselves.

2. Character.

Your children will one day find themselves in a world where truth is relative and integrity is scarce. How do we fortify them with rock solid values that will govern the way they function in their marriages, as parents, and in their careers? Building character starts early and pays definite rewards, so take a look at these tips for incorporating lessons about character into everyday life, and follow Dr. Turansky’s 6 Step Plan for Character Training.

3. Self-Esteem.

Children with a healthy level of self-esteem are better equipped to handle the challenges of life at any age. Yet even the most confident child will likely struggle with self-esteem issues at some point in childhood or adolescence. You play a major role in how your kids see themselves, so prepare yourself to encourage them with these guidelines for building good self-esteem.

4. Security.

Feeling secure is one of the most fundamental needs of children {Tweet This} and affects how well they are able to trust others, take well-though-out chances and pursue success without fear. One of the best ways to give your children a sense of security is to have loving boundaries in place.

What else do you want to teach your children?


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