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5 Things to Say to Your Kids Every Day

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I love to play with play-doh with my kids. It’s especially enjoyable to feel the clay being molded and shaped in my hands. As long as play-doh is handled and stored well it remains soft and malleable. However, when it is not properly treated it becomes brittle and hard. Our words have the same effect with our kids. Harsh words can harden their hearts, while words of love and affirmation will soften them. Tender words increase your ability to speak into your kids’ lives during their formative years and beyond.

As you speak to your child over the course of the next week incorporate at least one of these statements each day. Here are 5 positive things to say to your child every day.

“Hey, sweetheart, I love You.”

“I love you” never loses its effectiveness when it’s said on a regular basis. Tell your kids you love them. Say it every day; say it several times a day.

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“So what are your plans for the day?”

This is not just about knowing, but about interest. It means a lot to the kids that mom cares about what they’re up to and takes the time to hear what they are tackling that day. Find out what their greatest stress is and what they are looking forward to the most.

“I am so grateful to be your mom.”

Our children need to know how we feel about being their parent. So much is lost when communication breaks down and kids stop relating to their mom or their dad. Let them know that you are proud and thankful to be associated with them. This communicates that you not only love them but that you like them as well.

“Have a great day at school, and don’t forget who you are.”

Your child is growing into his or her identity, his or her sense of self, each and every day. The most important attribute is his or her identity as a child of God. Your family name may be Smith, or Wagner, or Hernandez, but your child’s identity always has been and always will be “Made in the Image of God.” Remind him or her of that every day.

Words of Affirmation

Speak “out-loud” belief and a “heads-up” positive direction into the day. Repeated, ingrained affirmation delivered with the firm conviction of someone who loves your children and who believes in them. Do this every day; deliver your lines with sincerity, and make them count.

Which of these have you said to your child today?


What is one thing about you that you wish I knew?

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