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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Teen Boys

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My son was Mr. Easygoing until he hit 13. Almost overnight he started to like girls, avoid his homework, and form a strong bond with social media. I thought I would be ready for his teen years since I’d been through them already with his sister. But the teen boy world is not the teen girl world.

Here are the 5 things you might not know about teen boys.

1. There is more below the surface.

Some boys are the quiet, still-waters-run-deep type. Other boys are loud and ‘put everything on the table’ type. No matter what type of teenage boy you have, there is even more going on in his mind than you think. The teen years can be full of turbulent thoughts, self-doubt, and self-examination.

Teach your son how to express himself — especially how to express his anger.

2. Temptation is everywhere.

The teenage years are so confusing for boys. The physical changes they’re experiencing can be scary and embarrassing. These tips from can help you guide your son through puberty.

3. They care about how they look.

I got a wake up call the day I didn’t have to remind my son to put on his deodorant. I realized that he actually cared about how he smelled, and how he would be perceived by others. Your son might be embarrassed to admit that his acne bothers him, or he feels bad about his height or the clothes he wears.

I was checking my social media one night and saw that a girl he was talking with mentioned how she admired another boy’s six-pack. I thought of my skinny, non-muscular son and imagined how that made him feel. Later, I worked the topic into a conversation. Oh, one more thing about looks, never ridicule your son’s appearance, even if you intend it as a joke.

4. They don’t know how to interact with girls.

My older brother was so handsome when he was in high school. He was also very, very shy. The only girls he ever dated were the ones who pursued him. He had no clue how to talk to girls, let alone ask them out. The same holds true today. I was talking to a co-worker about his teenage days and he said that it always seemed like teenage girls chose the bad boys, and that he got overlooked because he was a nice guy.

Here’s what to teach your teenage son about how to treat girls.

5. They still cry.

Remember, our teenage boys may look like young men on the outside, but inside, their brains are still figuring out how to deal with the more adult world. Allow your son to cry and express himself.

Explain to your son that it’s okay, even healthy, to express emotion. He’ll need those emotional skills in his future relationships.

What else do moms miss about teen boys?


What’s the most difficult thing you are dealing with these days?

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