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5 Ways to Be a Silly Mom

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I am a silly mom. My kids think I’m hysterical—and it’s not because they think I’m witty, clever, or great at telling jokes. In other words, they’re laughing at me, not with me. And that’s OK. As long as I know I have their respect, I am only too happy to be their occasional source of amusement.

Being a silly mom is fun. It’s brought me closer to my children. They’re more relaxed around me. We laugh a whole lot more. And that laughter has laid a foundation for a relationship that enables me to reach my parenting goals much more easily. So let your hair down, Mom. Let your kids poke a little fun at you. Try these 5 ways to be a silly mom.

1. Laugh at yourself.

When you trip, say the wrong word, or do something else that makes you look goofy, laugh! Try not to get angry, blame anyone, or berate yourself. Laughing at our missteps is a great example for our kids, along with these 9 ways to be a mom worthy of imitation.

2. Lighten up.

If most of your conversations with your kids are instructive or serious, try to inject some humor into your interactions. Tell a silly joke. Recall funny encounters from your day. These knock-knock jokes can get you started.

3. Bust a move.

So you think you can dance? Even if you can’t, do it anyway! In fact, the goofier you are on the dance floor (in your kitchen, living room, or anywhere), the better. Then you can throw in one of your really smooth moves to get an equally amusing reaction from your kids.

4. Laugh easily.

My husband cracks up—at TV commercials! My kids love it. In fact, the other night my daughter said, “It’s fun to watch Duck Dynasty with Dad because he laughs so much.” So be jovial! Laugh out loud and often.

5. Show affection.

Hold their hand when they least expect it. Give them a crazy, out of nowhere hug (here are some fun hug ideas). Act like the “kiss monster” or give them a quick tickle as you’re telling them goodnight.

Your kids will love the new laughing, lighthearted you! And if you’re already a silly mom, please tell me how you manage it!

What’s the silliest thing you’ve done to entertain (or to embarrass?) your kids?


How goofy are you on a scale of 1 -10? What about me?

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