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5 Ways to Grow Your Daughter’s Faith

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My daughter recently got her hair cut into a “lob.” “Mom,” she said, “A lob is between long hair and a bob.” Got it.

That haircut gave her a renewed confidence. I was glad to see it because she had been a little down. Ultimately, though, I want her confidence to come from something more solid and lasting than a good hair day. I want her to have a strong faith to see her through the bad hair days and the hard times. I believe growing in faith is an important part of a girl gaining confidence and recognizing her self-worth. Here are the 5 ways I thought of to grow our daughters’ faith.

1. Encourage her to start journaling.

Most girls are open to journaling. You don’t have to push this option on your daughter, just make it available. Buy her a spiral notebook or a pretty bound notebook. You can write an encouraging verse at the top of each page and tell her that you thought of her when you read it. You can also use iMOM’s Pillow Talk questions and Q & U App to engage her in writing down her thoughts.

2. Find social outlets.

Seek out a group your daughter can become a part of. My daughter goes to a Young Life meeting at Chick-Fil-A every Friday before school. Young Life is faith-based and encourages bible study and real-life faith for middle schoolers and high schoolers. There are other organized groups that do the same.

You can also find a church youth group in your area. Ask other moms where they go to church. Ask your daughter if any of her friends go to church and where she goes. The benefits of linking faith with social outlets has a bonus outcome… if your daughter hasn’t really clicked with many girls at school, she could have another friend base through a church.

3. Teach her the value of women.

In the Christian faith, Jesus told women they were of equal value to men—a radical statement at the time. Christ’s message is very contemporary. He taught that respect is due to all people regardless of their sex. He offered the same hope, strength, and eternal companionship to men and women.

Also, help her see that her ultimate value does not lie in her appearance or how she is perceived by boys. She is beautiful because she is a specially created unique human. She is loved by God every minute of every day just because she is.

4. Teach her to pray.

My daughter is just a couple of years away from college. Unless I decide to pursue another degree where she attends college—just kidding!—I won’t be there to dry her tears, hold her hand when she doesn’t feel well or give her a pep talk in person before a test.

Teach your daughter when she’s little that she can turn to her faith for solace and direction. Let her hear you pray and show her that prayer doesn’t have to be offered in a formal setting. Also let her know that when she doesn’t know what to say in a prayer, that God can still know her thoughts.

5. Help her see the big picture.

This too shall pass. That’s a concept easier grasped by us moms than by our daughters. When your daughter faces disappointments, show her the big picture. Point out that all that happens in our lives—the good and the bad—can make us into stronger, more resilient women. Let her see you handle the challenges of life by turning to your faith. Encourage her to look at the world beyond herself. Helping others in need will give her perspective and benefit from the life-changing power of giving.

Want more advice? Here are 5 keys to shaping the faith of a child.

Tell us! What do you do to grow your daughter’s faith?


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