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5 Ways to Have Your Own Family Restaurant

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The allure of eating out is big for kids. But, eating as a family at home can be fun, healthier, and less expensive too. Here are 5 ways to have your own family restaurant.

1. Name game.

Let your kids come up with a name for your family restaurant. Once they’ve chosen one, write the name on a chalkboard or have them make a sign you can hang somewhere in your eating area.

2. On the menu.

Design a menu and come up with food choices. You can post the day’s menu on your chalkboard or post it on a piece of paper. Set it up like a real restaurant with areas for appetizers, main courses, sides, and desserts.

3. Tablescape.

Encourage your kids to come up with fun ideas for the table. Show them interesting ways to fold the napkins. Teach them how to properly set the table for an informal meal and show them the 14 pieces in a formal place setting.

4. At your service.

Your children can take turns serving as restaurant host or hostess. They can also take care of waiting on your table, taking orders, and serving the food.

5. Just desserts.

Make dessert a big deal. Help your children present it with a flourish on special plates or other fun serving pieces.

What makes dinner fun for your family?


What’s your favorite meal we make at home?

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