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60 Ways You Lose a Minute With Your Kids Every Day

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Twice a year, we change the clocks. In the fall, we gain an hour (woohoo!), and in the spring, we lose an hour (boo!). But as a mom, I feel like I’m losing hours all the time. I feel like life is springing forward every day. When you dig through old boxes or look at photos of your kids from years ago, it’s hard not to think that they are growing up too fast. Just last week while doing laundry, I folded a shirt and remembered when we got it as a hand-me-down. I thought it was way too big for either of my boys. My younger son has almost outgrown it. 

I’ve heard plenty of moms say they wish they could stop time. Sorry to break it to you, friends. Whether we like it or not, time is going to keep on moving. We can’t change that. But what we can change is what we do with these minutes. Here are 60 ways you lose a minute with your kids every day.

Before I list these 60 minutes, I want to get real. None of us is 100 percent engaged every day and it’s healthy to take time for ourselves. Plus I think my kids need to know that I’m not at their beck and call. Sometimes, we have to have a moment. But, moms, if we’re talking about really wasting time—like mindless, careless, or useless stuff—we can do better. So take back these 60 minutes. Shoot, take back 30 and you’ll be off to a good start.

  1. Worrying
  2. Checking your work email at home
  3. Retaking a photo 6 times to capture a moment at the perfect angle
  4. Stressing about which filter to put on the photo you just took
  5. Multitasking during homework time
  6. Rushing the kids to finish their dinner
  7. Mindless scrolling on Facebook
  8. Mindless scrolling on Instagram
  9. Hitting the snooze button
  10. Cleaning something that is clean enough
  11. Lecturing them about something that just doesn’t matter
  12. Saying “not right now” to the offer to hear a joke
  13. Playing another round of the latest addictive game on your phone
  14. Watching a little TV to relax (and reluctantly turning it off three hours later)
  15. Worrying about things that are out of your control
  16. Taking a phone call during dinner
  17. Checking your phone to see if you missed a text
  18. Taking an online quiz to see what your ice cream preference says about your personality
  19. Checking to see who liked your post
  20. Surfing the Internet while you wait with your kids at the pediatrician’s office
  21. Stressing about the small messes
  22. Talking on the phone about work during the car ride to school
  23. More mindless scrolling on Facebook
  24. More mindless scrolling on Instagram
  25. Yelling about things that are petty 
  26. Responding to a text in the middle of a conversation
  27. Waiting too long to talk when you’re mad
  28. Responding with “in a minute” to the request to read a story when you really have no intention of stopping what you’re doing
  29. Checking (again) to see who liked your post
  30. Worrying about your kids’ happiness (You care enough to read this. They are happy. We promise!)
  31. Looking for your lost car keys
  32. Re-watching a YouTube video you’ve seen 100 times
  33. Skipping out on bedtime prayers
  34. Worrying about your weight
  35. Getting sucked into the comments on an article
  36. Logging on to Twitter real quick
  37. Watching a random video that pops up on social
  38. Scrolling Amazon to see what you might want to buy
  39. Checking (yet again) to see who liked your post
  40. Complaining about silly stuff
  41. Staying angry when you need to let it go
  42. Worrying about what might go wrong
  43. Reading one more work email
  44. Taking another online quiz like, “Pick a cocktail and we’ll tell you what to watch on Netflix this month.”
  45. Even more mindless scrolling on Facebook
  46. Even more mindless scrolling on Instagram
  47. Disciplining when you just need to let it go this time
  48. Scrolling the Internet when the kids are right in front of you, waiting to play or talk
  49. Giving them extra screen time just because you want more screen time
  50. Over analyzing the last email your boss sent
  51. Joining in on a gossipy text thread
  52. Worrying about money
  53. Staying late at work after the boss has said to go home
  54. Reading trashy books or magazines
  55. Checking (yet again) to see who liked your post
  56. Stressing about overcooking dinner
  57. Taking yet another online quiz like, “Tell us what you eat in a day and we’ll tell you what you should do for your birthday!”
  58. Checking to see who liked your post (one last time!)
  59. Wondering if you are loved
  60. Wondering if they know they are loved

Think your kids are growing up too fast? How can you take back a minute?


“When you feel like I’m not giving you my full attention, what am I usually doing instead?”

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