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7 Marriage Resolutions

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Years ago, before I was married, I was visiting an older friend who had a great relationship with her husband. Since I hoped to get married myself one day, I asked her advice on how to have a great marriage. I waited expectantly for her to utter what I was sure would be some deep and profound words of wisdom. She smiled at me and said, “Assume the best.” “Assume the best?” I thought. “Why is that such a big deal?”

Little did I know how important that outlook is to having a strong relationship; because if you don’t assume the best about your husband’s actions and intentions, you can easily fall into the dangerous habit of seeing the worst. That’s how she explained it to me, and she was right!

So resolve to assume the best about your husband. It’s one of our 7 Marriage Resolutions for the New Year.

Just click on each link to learn how to keep this resolution in your marriage.

  1. Assume the Best. This research shows how your husband really does want to make you happy.
  2. Make the most of where you are. Here are 5 ways to bloom where you’re planted in marriage.
  3. Respect Your Husband. Here are 6 ways to show your husband respect.
  4. Handle Conflict Better. A printable to help you two put conflict to rest without losing your tempers.
  5. Pray for Your Husband. Try these 10 ways to pray for your husband.
  6. Focus on the good in your marriage. How to find the “sweet spot” in your marriage.
  7. Improve Your Communication. A great way to communicate with your husband.

What’s one thing you could resolve to do better in your marriage?


How much money do you have saved? What do you hope to do with it?

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