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8 Things a Mom Should Teach Her Daughter to Look for in a Boy

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Every young girl dreams of a fairy-tale romance. So what kind of guy should I be teaching my daughters to look for?

I thought about the things I looked for in my husband, and it made me realize what a wise choice I’d made by marrying Mark. And it also made me want to help my daughters choose wisely as well. They need to know what to look for in a boy. Their future and their children’s future happiness depends on it. Here are the 8 things moms should teach their daughters to look for in a boy.

1. Look for a Gentleman.

A young man should open the door for you, stand when you sit at a table, and carry heavy bags for you. Polite gestures like these reflect an inner dignity you’ll want in a husband.

2. Look for Honor.

Be sure to observe the way a young man treats his parents. He should always honor them not because of their performance, but because of their position as his mother and father.

3. Look for Respect. 

You deserve a young man who will treasure you enough to respect your body as belonging to your future husband alone. He should also know how to respect that your emotions and feelings are special, not things to be played with.

4. Look for Integrity.

Look for a young man who lives out his morals daily, not just when you are around. You want someone who will have actions that reflect his words.

5. Look for Responsibility. 

Don’t expect perfection from the man you’re going to marry. But DO expect him to own up and apologize right away when he makes a mistake. Here are some Steps to an Awesome Apology.

6. Look for Hard Work.

Find someone who will work hard to provide for you and your children. Because we were all created to work, it’s important for a man to strive to work hard and avoid lazy tendencies.

7. Look for Love.

You won’t always “feel” in love. So be sure to wait for a man who will not only make you feel loved, but also show you his love through his actions and words.

8. Look for Faith.

Don’t settle for anyone until you see that they love God more than anyone or anything else. You want a man who will lead you and your family spiritually, so find someone who is rooted in their faith in God.

Do you have a son? Here are 8 Things a Mom Should Teach Her Son to Look for in a Girl.

I’m sure there’s more, what would YOU add to this list?


What’s your favorite fairy tale?

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