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8 Things a Mom Should Teach Her Son to Look for in a Girl

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One day my son is going to fall in love, leave us, and cleave to his new wife. Until then, I have the opportunity to teach him what he should look for in a girl before he gives his heart away. The girl he loves can either be a distraction or she can be the wind beneath his wings—encouraging and inspiring him.

Here are my thoughts on 8 things I want to teach my son about what to look for in a girl. You may want to add more ideas in the comments for other moms to think about. There has to be at least a dozen that I didn’t think of! If you have a daughter you can find 8 Things a Mom Should Teach her Daughter to Look for in a Boy here.

1. Look for a Lady.

Look for a girl that is admired for how she handles herself. A girl who treats others kindly, dresses modestly, and speaks with wisdom will make you proud and help you to find favor with others.

2. Look for Inner Beauty.

Look beyond a great body or a pretty smile in order to seek a girl’s heart. Know that her inner beauty will always outshine and outlast her outward appearance.

3. Look for Thoughtfulness.

Look for a girl who remembers the small details you have shared with her. This will reveal that she genuinely cares and desires to know you.

4. Look for Respect.

Look for a girl who shows respect to her parents and others. Every man desires to be respected by his wife. A girl who has demonstrated the ability to respect others will know how to give you something very important to your relationship.

5. Look for Gentleness.

Look for a girl who can handle situations gently and with patience. She should respond to frustrations and conflict with grace, rather than unceasing anger. If she can she will be an amazing mother to your children.

6. Look for Selflessness.

Find a girl who is not stuck focused on her own little world. Look for a girl whose heart is broken over the needs of others, and who works compassionately to find a solution.

7. Look for Joy.

Look for a girl who has a sense of contentment despite her circumstances. Even when life’s a mess, she remains joyful because her happiness lies in God, not in her current situation.

8. Look for Faith.

Look for a girl who loves the Lord. Don’t settle for anyone until you see that they love God more than anyone or anything else.

What else would you add to this list, Moms?


What do you look for in a girl?

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