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8 Things to Teach Your Daughter About True Womanhood

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What is true womanhood and what do we need to teach our daughters about it? If there were ever questions with complicated answers, those two qualify. But before we talk about what we want to teach our daughters about true womanhood, let’s think about ourselves first—because our daughters will learn the most about what it means to be a woman from us. If we’re comfortable in our own skin, we can teach them how to be comfortable in theirs. If we find joy and purpose in being a woman, they will too.

Look at your own life. Think about what’s important to you, the lessons you’ve learned that you want to pass on to your daughter. Use our list as a starting point. Even if you don’t agree with everything on it, let it spur you on to consider what messages you’re sending your girl. Here are our 8 things to teach your daughter about true womanhood.

1. Be true to who you are.

There is no one right way to be a woman. You are unique and there is no one on earth exactly like you.

2. Speak your mind.

Your thoughts have value. Your opinions have value. Speak them freely but wisely. Choose to be with people who allow you to speak your mind—this goes for friends and boyfriends. If someone tries to shut you down or can’t carry on a conversation without habitually getting angry or disrespectful, distance yourself.

3. You are more than your body.

Think about this: If we did not have bodies, what would society use to assess us? Our actions, our words, our attitude. That is who you are. A woman is not her hair color, her weight, or her skin color. And since those things are mainly determined by genetic predisposition, why spend precious time wishing you were different or trying to change things that don’t need to be changed?

4. You have choices.

In our world, you can pretty much go after anything you want. The restrictions on what’s “acceptable” for women to pursue are lessening every day. So feel free to think big. If you fail, so what? Learn from it and praise yourself for trying in the first place. Trying and failing is better than regretting.

5. Being a wife can be amazing.

Going through life with a husband who loves you, encourages you, and is there for you, will add an incredible dimension to your life. Having said that, experiencing that kind of relationship hinges on making a wise choice about who you will marry. Being a wife to a man who is volatile, immature, or demeaning is not what being married is supposed to be like.

6. Being single can be amazing.

While single, you have the luxury of completely controlling your own time. Choose to fill it with things that enrich your life. If you do want to marry, try not to see singlehood as a holding area.

7. Being a mother can be amazing.

Motherhood imbues you with a kind of love like no other. It is a love that will bring you your greatest joy and your greatest heartache. It will also require a lot of work and sacrifice on your part.

8. Men are different and that’s good.

To understand true womanhood, we need to understand true manhood. Science has proven that men and women are different. So try to learn about the motivators that drive men and how they are physiologically different from women. This information will serve you well on the job, in marriage, and in parenting.

Tell us! What would you teach your daughter about true womanhood?


What do you think boys don’t understand about girls and vice versa?

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