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A Fun Way to Bond With Your Kids at Bedtime

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Pajamas are on, teeth are brushed, and nighttime prayers, recited. But there’s still time left before lights out. How your children spend bedtime can have an impact—a positive one, if they spend it with you.

You can read books or sing songs or answer your kids’ deep, philosophical bedtime questions. Or, you can start a new tradition: storytelling. Starting a story and letting your son or daughter finish it is a fun way to spend bedtime with your kids. It fosters their creativity and gives them a reason to look forward to going to bed. Bond with your kids at bedtime tonight by using one of these prompts for bedtime stories.

The Bullfrog in My Toy Box

One day, while I was playing with my toys, I heard a funny sound coming from my toy box. When I opened it, a bullfrog jumped out and landed on my head. I could feel the bullfrog’s legs shaking. I knew he was scared, so I gently lifted him out of my hair and asked how he got into my room. He said it all started when he…

My Mom’s Mystery

The other night, my mom left me with a babysitter. She didn’t tell me where she was going, but before she left, she put on the silliest outfit. She must have gone to…

The Genie in a Jar

Early one morning, I helped my mom clean out the garage. After we moved the junk all around, I noticed something sparkling at the bottom of an old trunk. I reached in and grabbed it—a jar with jewels all over it. I asked my mom if I could keep it. She said yes, so I hurried to my room, pried the jar open, and a genie popped out. She wore a funny hat, a glittery purple shirt, and pretty gold rings and bracelets. She told me she could grant me three wishes. So, I wished for…

A Backyard Discovery

One very sunny day, I played outside with my dog. He raced around the yard, rolled in the dirt, and dug up big sticks he had buried. We had so much fun. Then, while chasing my dog, I suddenly tripped over something sticking up out of the dirt. At first, I thought it was one of the dog’s toys. But then, I realized it was a…

The Funniest X-Ray Ever

After a big breakfast one morning, I heard a little gurgling in my belly. I played with my favorite toys, but then I heard the gurgling again. I looked down and noticed that my belly was growing bigger, right before my eyes! I felt a little nervous about my growing belly, so I told my mom, who took me straight to the doctor. The doctor took an X-ray of my tummy and saw the funniest things inside it. I looked at the X-ray, too. And I couldn’t believe it! Right there, inside my belly, we saw…

What are your favorite bedtime stories to tell?


What’s your favorite part of our bedtime routine? What’s your favorite bedtime story?

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