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Are You Setting the Right Goals for Your Kids?

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Are you setting the right goals for your kids? Most of us are comfortable with the idea that it takes all kinds of people to make the world go around—until we’re talking about our own kids. Then we default to a pretty narrow definition of success.

My children attend a Christian school with the motto, “Preparing each child to be who God calls him to be.” Will he call some to be doctors, lawyers, and the like? Sure. Will he call others to be artists, ministers, full time parents, entrepreneurs, and nonprofit volunteers? Yep. The idea is to provide them with the educational foundation to take flight in whichever direction their talents and desire take them, without pigeonholing them into the default career tracks of the aspirational upper middle class. We want to help them become the best possible versions of themselves—whatever that is.

What if we approached our parenting the same way: with high ideals, but a loose grip? What if we left a little more room for God to work out the details and take our children in the direction he uniquely equipped them to go? Read these 4 tips for Setting the Right Goals for Your Children, and enjoy watching their lives take shape!

You should want your children to be hard workers.

No matter what they do or who they serve, your children will experience more success and have a greater impact on the world around them if they work hard. Training them to give it all they’ve got in big things and small things is time well spent.

You should want your children to be kind.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? But the number of truly unkind, inconsiderate people one encounters in today’s world seems to suggest that somebody’s parents got this wrong. No matter how grand or how humble their lives are, if your children become kind, compassionate adults, you’ve done something very right. Try our Glowing Words Jar to get some kindness flowing in your home!

You should want your children to have a strong moral compass.

If you are a person of faith, living a moral life is a goal rooted in the framework of your religion. But morality has real benefits for your children beyond the spiritual, making it a worthy goal for everyone. In short, making morally sound choices can protect them from a litany of negative consequences in life at every age.

You should want your kids to be tough.

Their lives will have a number of ups and downs. If your kids are resilient, they’ll recover from setbacks more readily, and get back on track personally and professionally. Teach your kids the right way to respond to failure, and you’ve given them a tremendous gift.

When you think of setting the right goals for your kids, what do you think is important?


What is the most important thing to be in life?

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