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Back to School Party Ideas for a Family Celebration

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It’s time to throw a back to school party for your kids, and we have back to school party ideas to make your celebration a blast! We’re not talking a big bash here, just a family gathering where you can launch your children into the new school year with a lot of love and support.

We’ve had a back to school party at our house for several years now, and the kids love it. Our tradition is to let them choose the menu and then I plan a few dinnertime activities. I have them wear silly homemade crowns, their father escorts them into dinner—honored guest style—and I announce their entry with fanfare.

So celebrate the new school year with a back to school party! Here are 5 back to school party ideas for you!

Make It Special

Even if you’re just serving mac and cheese, pull out your nice dishes and make your table look great. Light a few candles, make some place cards, and finish your meal off with your kids’ favorite dessert.

TALK Conversation Starters

Keep the conversation light. You don’t want to start stressing out your kids with talk of how to study for exams or what kind of grades you expect this year. Print out our Back to School TALK Conversation Starters instead. You can put them in a bowl and draw one out one at a time, or you can cut them into slips and put them under everyone’s dinner plates.

Old School Photos

If you can dig up some of your kids’ old school photos, use them to decorate the table. They’ll get a kick out of how much they’ve changed from year to year.  (You’ll get teary-eyed, of course!)

School Trivia

If you don’t mind doing a little homework, try to come up with some trivia questions about your child’s school. When was it built?  How many students does it have? How many miles is it from your house?


Before you finish your meal, say a prayer asking God to bless the school year ahead. Before you pray, go around the table and ask everyone what they would like to pray for. Then, thank God for your wonderful children and ask Him to help your children make good choices, make good friends, and make the most of their opportunities.

What about you? Have you ever had a back to school party for your kids?


What are you most looking forward to this coming school year?

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