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Christmas Activities for Families

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It really is the most wonderful time of the year—and we’re here to help you enjoy all the anticipation, excitement, and meaning of the season. We have Christmas activities for families, Christmas activities for kids, and a Christmas checklist for moms and children that’s worth checking twice! With all the mayhem of the holidays, we made sure to include some resources to help you focus on love, joy, and family. So if you find yourself feeling frazzled, remember that a moment of peace is just a click away!

You’ll find lots of printables and festive Christmas ideas too, including our Story of Christmas printable and the very best Christmas Eve traditions. As long as you can do without the partridge in a pear tree, we have what you need to make this your merriest Christmas ever!

What are your favorite Christmas activities for families? Which ones have become yearly traditions for you?

Making a List and Checking It Twicechristmas giving

You can’t say Christmas sneaks up on you. We get a six-month warning in July! But still, it seems like there’s never enough time to prepare the way we want and still have time to relax—until now. Here are some helpful planning tools. We even have a Christmas Giving and Wishing List so the kids can plan out their gift-giving in a fun way.

Need more help with money-saving and gift planning?

Christmas activities for families bucket listOh What Fun It Is

Christmas activities for families bring out the kid in us all and they make memories that last a lifetime. Not sure what to do this year? Check out our Family Christmas Bucket List. As much as the kids will love checking the boxes one by one, they’ll love spending time together as a family even more.

You can never have too much fun at Christmas!

O, Holy Nightchristmas activities for families story of christmas characters

Sometimes Christmas comes and goes and we have forgotten that it’s really the best time of the year to show love and spread joy. So don’t miss it this year. Talk with your kids about the first Christmas with The Story of Christmas printable activity and adorable characters.

Need more ways to spread Christmas cheer?

christmas couponsAll I want for Christmas is you!

Christmas activities for families are great, but you’ve got to admit this holiday is pretty romantic, too. So don’t miss out on ways to connect with your husband in front of the tree or under the mistletoe. These Christmas Coupons are great for the kids’ stockings, but you can also give them to your husband.

But don’t stop the romance there!

Here Comes Santa Clauschristmas gift tags

When the kids are tucked in, moms often go into overdrive. We have a few precious hours to get the rest of the gifts wrapped and maybe even a few pie crusts started. So let us help you with those last-minute tasks. Here are adorable free Christmas Gift Tags.

No need to panic!

What fun Christmas activities for families are your favorite?


What is the last present you received that you were really excited about?

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