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Christmas Gift Tags

Growing up my mom used to write riddles on all of the gift tags on our Christmas presents. We had to try to guess the answer to the riddle, which would reveal the gift inside. I used to wonder why wrapping paper wasn’t enough to create mystery. Now that I see how quickly my kids rip through the paper and move on from one gift to the next, I understand that she was using the riddle gift tags as a way of slowing down the process and savoring the time with her family. (And I think she wanted to make us use our brains on Christmas vacation.)

I don’t know how long it took my mom to come up with all of those riddles, but I’m sure she had to scratch through a few and start over more than once. She always had a stash of those stick-on gift tags, so now I know that if I’m wrapping gifts and run out (or more likely forget to buy them altogether), I can pop over to her house and grab one or two. 

But what happens if you find yourself with a pile of wrapped gifts and no labels? Chances are you don’t live down the block from my mom and all of the stick-on gift tags. You don’t want to leave them unlabeled because, if you’re like me, there’s a good chance you’ll mix up the gift meant for Uncle Mike with the one meant for the elderly woman next door and she’ll wonder what she’s supposed to do with a mug that says “#1 Uncle.” 

iMOM to the rescue! These cute Christmas gift tags are whimsical, merry, and free to print. Print them on cardstock and attach them to all of your Christmas presents for a unique look that will share the Christmas cheer.

Need a last minute gift? Print these Christmas Coupons and give them to your kids for special time with you.

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