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11 Christmas Riddles for Kids

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There’s no shortage of smiles at Christmastime, but these Christmas riddles are so cute and clever that your kids’ belly laughs will rival Santa’s. Count down the last few days until Christmas with a riddle per day at the family dinner table or save them all for Christmas Eve and let the kids put on a show to pass the time before bed. Maybe they even can leave one with the milk and cookies to test Santa’s riddle skills! And Mom, if you want to make the kids earn their presents, write a riddle on each gift tag. They have to solve it before they get to open! We’ll even provide the gift tags!

iMOM’s Christmas riddles are safe for kids and guaranteed to bring your family some festive fun. There’s something about laughing together at the holidays—it’s like the bow on the present! Laughter just makes Christmas feel complete. If you love riddles, we have tons more. Can you figure out this one before you peek at the answer? “What did the big toe say to the little toe?”

Q: What’s red and white and goes up and down and up and down?
A: Santa riding an elevator.

Q: What nationality is Santa Claus?
A: North Polish

Q: What do you have in December that you don’t have in any other month?
A: The letter “D”

Q: Why does Santa have three gardens?
A: So he can hoe, hoe, hoe!

Q: When does New Year’s Day come before Christmas?
A: Every year

Q: If a tiger had a Christmas music album, what would it be called?
A: Jungle Bells

Q: If the end of the year is on December 31st, then what is the end of Christmas?
A: An “S”

Q: When you go out in a blizzard and you see a vampire, what do you get?
A: Frostbite

Q: Who is the most impolite and disrespectful of all the reindeer?
A: Rude-olf

Q: I am worn to mark a successful victory, I am also made of flowers and leaves formed into a circle, and I vary in size from big to tiny. What am I?
A: A wreath

Q: How do kids know Santa is in the house?
A: They sense his presents.

Tell us your best Christmas riddle in the comments below!


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